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Becky & Zak lost their first born child, Sadie Quinn, on July 10th, 2010 due to pre-eclampsia & HELLP syndrome at 24 weeks pregnant.

Hummingbirds remind me of my Sadie~tiny, gorgeous, and perfect! I was nearly kissed on my cheek by one my first week home from the hospital as I sat on my proch, there began my love for humming birds! I particularly love the ones with green on them as I imagine Sadie would have had green eyes like her daddy and myself!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Isn't It Ironic?!

So, at a recent therapy appointment we were discussing the "elephant in the room" (both literally and symbolically)

No one wants to point out the elephant in the room, so everyone skirts around it, totally avoiding it. But what we don't realize is by not talking about the elephant in the room we are actually bringing more attention to it...In fact, its not being skirted or avoided, its only growing and growing and growing!

So this is what we discussed in therapy!

The other day I was sitting at the dinner table with my sister and brother-in-law, and my brother-in-law courageously decided to point out the elephant in the room and started asking me questions about Sadie, etc.

It was great, he had questions, I got to share, it was great! We even discussed the whole "elephant in the room" theory! And this is where it gets good...

My niece, whom I love more than words can convey, she is my connection to my Sadie (my niece and Sadie would have been 2 years and 9 months apart just like my sister and I. My niece is what made us want to have a baby of our own. My niece has her uncle and aunt's heart!) So my niece, walks through the room with a tool box (yes a tool box, a plastic one, but its a took box) She climbs up next to me and proceeds to open the tool box and what were the only 2 items inside...

A BABY & AN ELEPHANT!! We all laughed like our heads about irony! She whips out the elephant and the baby and gives them both to me to hold!

Hows that for irony?


AKD said...

I am so unspeakably glad that you have family who is willing to talk about your loss, about your darling baby. It's so hard to find people who do that with us, unfortunately. <3

Becky said...

I agree with AKD, sounds like you have great support from your family. That''s cute about your niece, very ironic.

Malory said...

WOW! wow to the open conversation & how weird that she had those two items in the box!! A sign indeed. :)

TanaLee Davis said...

This is great Becky.
I know how much it must have made your heart feel better knowing your family was willing to talk about your grief/loss ect. It can be tough without that support. The tool box story was cute. Made me smile.

Stephanie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I saw this post! YES ~1000% agree with you. There is always an elephant in the room with us too, and after attending 2 funerals this month and having no one mention our daughter, I get this a big way.

Love that you got to share with your family and start talking about your sweet baby.